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Vardenchi To Open New Lifestyle Garage Store In Mumbai

Motorcycle design company, Vardenchi, is all set to open its first ‘Lifestyle Garage’ in Goregaon, Mumbai. The flagship space will offer a wide range of bespoke motorcycle upgrade solutions and crafted biker products. Biker Products will include a range of fashion motorcycle helmets, lifestyle riding gear, a collection of apparel like t shirts hoodies and shoes. Motorcycle Upgrade products will include accessories for Safety, Utility and Style such as lights, seats, guards, luggage and more.

A lot of motorcycle parts and materials have inspired the design of the Lifestyle Garage. Akshai Varde, MD/Founder, Vardenchi said, “The Vardenchi Lifestyle Garage is a culmination of our long standing vision of offering ‘everything motorcycle.’ The market and the timing are very well positioned for a concept like this and we are extremely excited to kick off the first of an entire network of franchise stores”


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