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Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets – The Instant Winning Strategy

 Are you looking for an instant winning strategy in scratch-off lottery tickets? Well, if you are, you have landed at the right place. Before unveiling the right strategy let’s talk about some basics first.

Scratch-off Lottery Tickets were introduced in the 1970s, but they gained steam only in the 1980s and today they are a popular form of lottery. The opportunity to win instantly and the low-cost aids to its popularity as people from even the lower strata of society can easily afford it.

How Do Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets Work?

To understand how it works, let’s take a simple example. A state lottery decides to run a 1,00,000-ticket game where each ticket is priced at INR 1. Now, considering that only 50% of the total collected money is paid back, the total win of all tickets together will be INR 50,000.

Now, a printer prints 1,00,000 tickets in a long strip with the front and back text and pictures but no game.  All the game details, including the payoff, are fed into a computer and now the printed ticket strip is run through another printer. This printer prints the barcode, a serial number, random game outcome and a rubbery scratch-off cover.

Once a person buys any of these tickets and scratches off the rubbery cover, he or she may or may not win. Suppose on scratching someone wins INR 100. So, the person gives it back to the store representative from where he bought the ticket, who in turn scans the barcode and sends it to the lottery centre where the lottery’s computer looks for that particular barcode in its database. If it matches, a go-ahead is given to the store representative to pay the ticket owner the required amount.

How to Improve Your Chances of Choosing a Winning Scratch-Off Ticket?

Now that you know how this Scratch-Off lottery works, there are some simple tricks that one must follow to improve your chances of winning.

  • Each roll of the ticket that is printed has a set number of winners. The odds of winning keep decreasing whenever someone else buys a winning ticket from that roll. So, one strategy is once you get a winning ticket from a particular roll, the probability that the next ticket will also be a winner decreases. Thus, you should avoid buying another ticket from the same roll from where you got your winning ticket.
  • Next is to find the odds of winning and do some research before buying a ticket. All state lottery websites offer all major international lotteries provide all the pertinent details that are required for your research. You should pull out these details and find the odds of winning. Not all lotteries have the same odds and you should choose one that has better odds.
  • Now, take another step. Study the lottery website and see how many prizes are already claimed. Suppose for the INR 50,000 top prize, there are 20 tickets available in the complete rolls of tickets. Out of these 20, if say 15 are already claimed, then the chances of winning are feeble. But, if all are out there in circulation, you have better chances of getting it.

Today, you can play scratch cards online too. The idea is the same, the only difference is that you visit an online site such as Lottoland to buy scratch cards and try your luck. In India, you can play international lotteries to become an instant crorepati.

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